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outlook traveller

JULY 2019

“Avanilaya’s collection of luxury villas allow their guests to experience a part of that tropical magic…With panoramic views and a private yet relaxed elegance infused with Goan touches, Avanilaya has all the perfect starting points for creating the unforgettable wedding of your dreams.”

Glorious Hotels of India

Glorious Hotels of India


By Cosmo Samuel Brockway and Harriet Compston

Avanilaya is listed amongst the 50 most beautiful hotels in India! See us in House and Garden UK! “From dilapidated palaces in the pink city of Jaipur to toes-in-the-sand beach shacks in Goa, 'Glorious Hotels of India' is a new book that explores the most beautiful places to stay across this joyfully colourful continent.”


outlook traveller

April 2013

“Two gorgeous villas, spacious and in impeccable taste, situated over the Chapora river on a hillock outside Aldona. If you are looking for a romantic holiday, and if you can afford it, this is the place.”



january 2013

“On the island of Corjuem in the little sleepy village of Aldona, is a tropical paradise. Greeted by peacocks and the smile of the general manager, your stay at this 24-acre haven with three eclectically designed villas, is set up for a perfect vacation. The solitary barge making its way down the river, the constant flutter of butterflies and a myriad of birds that call the property their home make this a nature lover’s paradise. We recommend the unforgettable specially created menu. Even if you aren’t staying on the property, call ahead and make and appointment for lunch or dinner.”


outlook traveller

august 2012

“A breath-taking retreat, twenty minutes inland from Mapusa. Vast gardens, endless views, large beautifully appointed rooms. No TV, but a sunken bathtub in every bathroom! Watch the rain on the fields and the river from the majestic enormous veranda. Eat in or at the local fish thali places over the Aldona bridge.”


LOVE GOA: A Hand-book for the Luxury Vagabond, 2nd ed.

by Fiona Caulfield

"Three private bungalows are situated on this 24-acred property located about 20 minutes inland from Maps, on a hill with scenic rural views, overlooking a tributary of the Mandovi River..."



Anahita M | 18 July 2018

“This is a place that speaks to the soul. It’s beautiful. The staff are amazing. The food is divine. The space feels like home. Interiors are serene, sparse enough to not feel crowded and absolutely gorgeous. Great mattresses, the sounds of peacocks in the gardens and fabulous weather = one the best nights of sleep ever.” 


Roland DSilva | 24 March 2018

“Stunning setting - perfect place to get away from it all. Went for a weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Loved everything about the property. Beautiful old world Goan charm with all the creature comforts you need, and a luxurious feel to boot. VERY spacious, including the rooms, almost wasteful in fact :)”


Jay Itzkowitz | 29 October 2018

“Recently my family was fortunate enough to experience the beauty of Avanilaya and the sheer deliciousness of their traditional Goan cuisine. We have had a home in Goa for years and thus are very familiar with the local food. Having experienced Avanilaya, we now have a new standard by which to judge. First of all, the setting is calmly spectacular - everything speaks of a relaxed Goan elegance, with a nod to history and tradition. Second, the staff is extremely caring of the guests ….We had to visit the kitchen to pay our respects, and one look inside shows why this place is so amazing - it's a traditional Goan kitchen staffed by local women who really know what they are doing - not to mention a world-class spice rack. Right up there with some of my favorite meals I've ever had.“





Here's a glimpse of Avanilaya, a gorgeous villa tucked away in Aldona, Goa. Thanks to @Airbnb_in, we've discovered this! #LiveThere #InGoa



trip savvy: vacation like a pro

Avanilaya: goa’s best kept secret luxury villa by sharell cook | 22 Jan 2018

“Avanilaya is so private that from the outside, there are no signs that it exists. There are no advertisements anywhere, and no signboards. On the road, there's simply a nondescript gate. Apart from the fact that its manned by a security guard, it gives nothing away, no hint of what lies beyond it.

However, inside the gate is a 24 acre paradise. It's there that the true Goa can be found, away from the commercialized coastline.  A paradise within a paradise, there are very few places like it left in Goa, or indeed the world…

…Avanilaya is a refined haven for anyone wanting a luxurious stay but with the privacy and personalized service that's not possible at a resort.  This rare hidden gem provides the perfect opportunity to experience how Goa used to be before it became developed, but without sacrificing any comforts.”




A GUIDE TO OFFBEAT ACCOMMODATION IN GOA by sharanya iyer | 04 Aug 2018

“…Even beyond the doors of that gate, there is no hint of the sprawling 24 acre forest land and the 3 gorgeous villas- Panchvatti, Padimunu and Third Place.  Each of them come with multiple rooms, their own pools, views of the village and a tributary of the Mandovi river, dense foliage and a very palpable sense of silence. The kitchen comes with a homestay-esque feel, dishing out a personalised menu specialising in Goan and Continental fare. From infinity pools to grassy courtyards, tall pepper trees and bamboo framed pathways, nature sings a happy song at Avanilaya. It would be hard not to hear and see a peacock here in the monsoons, there are simply too many to miss.”





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The picturesque settings of Avanilaya has been the backdrop for some spectacular movie shoots from Bollywood. See if you recognize us in any of these movies! We’ve also been featured in magazines & other publications.